About TPF

Formed in south Florida by Skeeter Swizzle, Trailer Park Floosies started one night at a private party in a trailer park  (which will remained unnamed to protect the innocent), as a need to have some live music to dance to. The party started early and when the battery died in the El Camino from blasting tunes on the radio all day, Skeeter decided to keep the party going with some live music. Some instruments were setup and plugged in and the band was quickly assembled and started playing all of the popular party tunes that left all of the Floosies in the trailer park wanting more. Soon things caught on and the rest is history. Now Trailer Park Floosies are known all over the country for putting the class back in trash and livin' good in the trailerhood. May the Floosies Force be with you!



Skeeter Swizzle

 - Trailer Park Manager


Daisy Fields

Smooth Talker


Gator McSlator

Geetar Noize Maker


Willie Jim Jefferies

- Party Patrol

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